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Innovation Approach

Our Innovation Approach

The consortium utilises these processes to support inventors to develop practical solutions and new ideas to prepare for and manage drought.

We commenced our expansive Call for Ideas on 5th March 2018 in both Garissa and Marsabit Counties. This activity came to a close on 12th April, 2018 paving way for the community-driven selection process. We received a collective 236 ideas from both counties and selected 22 ideas (11 from each County) to join MaarifaKona.

Built around the community
New way of thinking of an old problem
Risk Acceptance
Acceptance of risk and willingness to try different approaches

How The Programme Works

1. Research and Concepts

Innovators use the lab space to think of concepts/ideas. Once innovators have enough ideas, they go through a set of criteria to see of can go to the next stage.

2. Development

Innovators have now identified their idea they want to use as a prototype. They will be given small seed funding to test and pilot their innovation.

3. Incubation

Innovation ideas that pass the criteria will be given larger funding to scale up and go through the incubation period of 6 months.