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About DEPP

About DEPP

The Disasters and Emergencies Preparedness Programme (DEPP) works to develop humanitarian response capacity in disaster affected communities. This programme is funded by UK Aid and managed collaboratively by the Communications with Disaster Affected Communities (CDAC) and Start Networks.

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DEPP Innovation Labs

The Innovation window of the DEPP is a two year programme to set up and manage labs in disaster affected countries, which will identify and then support the development and scaling processes of promising areas of innovation in disaster preparedness. The country based labs will promote emerging contextualized solutions to local problems in emergency settings, while a global or programme level component will provide technical support through programmatic advisors and through appropriate global level partnerships; will promote ‘cross-lab’ opportunities for learning and collaboration and will provide potential avenues to scale emerging areas of innovation.
Labs have been set up in countries prone to disaster in Kenya, the Philippines, Bangladesh and Jordan.
The labs are expected to create the space for collective experimentation and new forms of interaction with external partners that may not be possible in traditional programming models. The process will take a user-centered design philosophy that is to be driven by crisis-affected people and critically will connect emerging ideas which demonstrate potential with opportunities to scale.