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We exist to support inventors to develop practical solutions and new ideas to prepare for and manage drought.

Shared problems, different solutions.
About Maarifakona

1. Lab Set-Up & Activation

Innovators pitch their potential concepts. AIM runs design thinking workshops to help idea process.

2. Research & Concept

Innovators use the lab space to think of concepts/ideas. Once innovators have enough ideas, they go through a set of criteria to see of can go to the next stage.

3. Development

Innovators have now identified their idea they want to use as a prototype. They will be given small seed funding to test and pilot their innovation.

4. Incubation

Innovation ideas that pass the criteria will be given larger funding to scale up and go through the incubation period of 6 months.

Shared problems, different solutions.

M: (+254) 704 828 658 - Garissa Lab
M: (+254) 705 680 272 - Marsabit Lab
M: (+254) 701 549 915 - Nairobi Coordination Office
(+254) 701 549 915